Radio highlight of the year so far?

Ploughing through my Christmas copy of the Radio Times I could not find one of my usual Christmas highlights – no not, the Archers, even though Tom has just got engaged to Kirsty, Rosa is now talking to her Daryl again plus Helen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, where was I – yes, the release of the latest batch of government records and that excellent Radio Four programme UK Confidential. It is normally on the last few days of the old year, so, as I could not see it I decided to Google it. Guess what the suggested search term was ….. UK Confidential Podcasts – hooray, good old Auntie has now put all the old versions of the programme on their website, so I’ve downloaded them all via I-tunes and working through them all – just don’t tell me what happened in 1985s programme for the next few weeks.